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About Bo Svenson . . .
  • Born in Sweden, he emigrated to the US as a teenager. In 1975, he founded MagicQuest Entertainment, a Hollywood-based film and television production company of which he is the CEO.

  • He is also the CEO and principal owner of CanAm Film Corp., a British Columbia film and television production company.  

  • He was Chairman and CEO of Motion Picture Group of America from 1985-2005.

  • During his fifty years in Hollywood, he has worked with over one hundred Oscar-winners and nominees, including Quentin Tarantino and Clint Eastwood.

  • He has himself been a member of the Oscar Academy since 1985 and serves on the International Film Oscar Committee.

  • He has competed in Olympic Selections and World Championships in several sports, including yachting and judo. A high-ranking black belt in several disciplines, he is in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

  • For more complete information about Bo Svenson visit

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