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International Independent Film Awards Gold Award for Feature Scripts 2015

International Independent Film Awards Gold Award for Screenplay 2015

Best Screenplay at the 2016 Illinois International Film Festival

Best Screenplay at the Cinema World Fest Awards


The Novel:

For Love and Country A Dream of America - a novel by Bo Svenson



Formerly For Love and Country A Dream of America

The American Dream… who hasn’t had it… who hasn’t reached for it…

As WWII dawns with America and the world bracing for the bloodiest conflict ever known, Fate arranges a chance meeting in Chicago between two young Finnish immigrants—an encounter that turns into a love of epic proportions as they struggle to make a better life for themselves in the Land of Opportunity.

He, Toivo, is a great artist, a painter many years ahead of his time — an old soul in a young man’s body; she, Kerttu, is a smart and courageous young woman with dreams of dancing on Broadway.

Now deeply in love, they have the American Dream within their grasp, when suddenly circumstances beyond their control thrust them into a war that changed the course of history — the Finnish-Russian Winter War of 1939-40.

Ever the pacifist, Toivo is forced to fight for the land he had scorned while confronting deep-seated, unresolved and conflicting emotions, while Kerttu is left behind to somehow endure the loneliness of New York while dancing in a burlesque house on Lower Broadway.

Until Fate once again intervenes.

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