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Don't Call Me Sir!



1st place in the drama category at the 2015 Los Angeles Screenplay Contest

The Park Avenue Award for Best Screen Play at the 2015 New York Screenplay Contest

Best Screenplay at the 2016 All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival

Best Screenplay at the 2016 Artemis Film Festival

International Independent Film Awards Gold Award for Screenplay 2016



Don't Call Me Sir!

Don't Call Me Sir!

"Don't Call Me Sir!" tells the story of Jackson Pollock's niece, Brooklyn-born Rena "Rusty" Glickman, the only Jewish man or woman, to receive Japan's highest civilian honor, The Emperor's Order of The Rising Sun.

When twelve-year-old Rusty learned about the Holocaust, she decided THAT was not going to happen to her, that she would be better and stronger than THEM — that THEY were not going to win this time. The question was how?

Then she found judo — a sport she excelled at but from which women were excluded. So in 1959 and then a single mother, Rusty decided to compete in the New York State Judo Championships while disguised as a man.

She beat the reigning State champion and was on the podium receiving her gold medal — when THEY asked if she was a girl. When she acknowledged that she was, the organizers took back her medal. Rusty vowed THAT was not going to be the end of HER story…


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